The mountain bike track in the Loonse and Drunense Dunes is considered one of the most beautiful tracks in the Netherlands and is suitable for everyone: from beginners to advanced.

The track leads you through all kinds of nature: shifting sands, coniferous and deciduous forests and heaths. On the mountain bike track are some stunning panoramas from where you can enjoy the beautiful view. The biggest part of the track is well maintained singletrack. 

The influences of the environment and the weather ensure that the track is never exactly the same. And there're no area's where you can drive straight for a minute, without encountering obstacles. You are constantly estimating distance, speed and turns. This makes the route quite technical, but also beginners can ride this track at a slower pace.

Length: about 25 kilometer

One of the starting points of the track is the "Rustende Jager", located approximately 2.5 km from our camping. You can also rent (childrens) mountain bikes here for € 20, - per bike per day.

You can buy the mandatory bike sticker online, this is valid for one calendar year. It is also possible to by the license for one or two days.